About Me 

With a passion for driving exceptional business performance in the hospitality and leisure sectors, I specialize in enhancing Reception and Reservations operations. 

Over the past decade, I've cultivated expertise in revenue management, reservations, and sales, navigating competitive environments with an independent and proactive approach. My dedication lies in exceeding expectations and innovating strategies to promote our products, consistently aiming to meet and surpass targets.
My journey into coaching began unexpectedly during the pandemic. Faced with ample time at home and a sense of burnout in my previous role, I ventured into an online course in Executive Coaching. 

Little did I know that this decision would mark a profound turning point in my career. Coaching has not only transformed my perspective but has also led me to a fulfilling and rewarding path that aligns with my passion for helping others achieve their fullest potential.


"Ylonah was an excellent life coach! She was a huge help to me in recognizing the obstacles and thoughts that were preventing me from moving forward in my life and profession. We worked on overcoming limiting beliefs and boosting my self-confidence! She is so approachable and simple to talk to, and she can give you the skills to change your negative thought patterns and gain a more positive outlook"

- Sinead, Health and Safety Executive

"Ylonah is very patient, dedicated and genuinely wants to see people succeed and feel fulfilled. She is strong and assured in her approach. By the end of each session, I felt sure in my decisions and felt more confident about my abilities and decisions"

- Zoe, Digital Marketing Manager